“Every set of pipes I make is made entirely to individual order. My styles and methods have been developed and well-honed with over a continuous 40 years of dedication.” – Ray Sloan

Ray Sloan is well established as one of the World’s leading makers of the Scottish Smallpipes and other Border Bagpipes Having been at the forefront of the Smallpipe revolution since the early 80’s there are few makers who can boast his continuous 40 year dedication to the development of the tradition, technique, craft & design of these intricate and beautiful instruments.

As a result of his commitment to the tradition and continuous dedication to the development of his skills, Ray has an understanding of what it is that makes an instrument of beauty with an attention to detail and finish unequalled by few other makers. It is these qualities together with his first class reputation for customer service, both before and after sales, that ensures Ray’s place as one of the longest established and leading makers of Bellows Bagpipes of the Borders and beyond.

This is your guarantee that any pipes bought from Ray Sloan will be everything you want and expect them to be:- an instrument of quality, style and beauty to be cherished and handed down from generation to generation.

"Ray Sloan is one of the foremost makers of Smallpipes. His range of instruments demonstrate a fine blend of workmanship combined with a distinct flare for the traditional. His smallpipes represent an instrument well-suited to the Highland Piper making the transition to the bellows-blown pipes"
Pipe Major Iain MacDonald
Glasgow, Scotland
Ray’s pipes respect the long-standing tradition and standards of manufacture set by such great makers as Robert Reid, yet incorporate tasteful refinements of style and technique that only a master maker, as Ray Sloan certainly is, can convincingly achieve.
Alan Jones - Collector and Historian
Montreal. Canada