Northumbrian Smallpipes made by Ray Sloan

All Northumbrian Smallpipes Pipes are fully mounted and made from top quality and well seasoned African Blackwood with Nickel Silver metalwork. Brass is also available as well as finishes such as silver plate – please enquire when ordering. All chanter keys are sprung with my unique compression spring system which means that you will rarely, if ever, have a problem with broken springs that is often the case with the widely used leaf springs. My compression spring system was developed in early 2013 and to my knowledge is not available from any other maker. All keys are hand forged by myself. All mounts are imitation ivory as standard but other materials such as Boxwood are available upon request.

Sets are available in ‘F’ ‘F#’ ‘G’ and ‘D’. Fully Mounted 7-key sets are 4,500 Euro – extra keys are + 90 Euro each.

Please note that since early 2012 I no longer offer Velvet Bag Covers.

Click on any Image for an enlarged view of my Northumbrian Smallpipes